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Mary Holdsworth Butt

Legacy Society

Mary Elizabeth Holdsworth Butt

Mary Elizabeth Holdsworth Butt February 4, 1903 - October 6, 1993

Mary Holdsworth Butt possessed a deep and living faith in God that translated into discovering and meeting the needs of people. As a gentle woman with a compassionate love for humanity, she placed selfless regard for the well-being of others before her own. Her accomplishments characterize the truth that one solitary life can make a difference.

It is only fitting that her namesake would be attributed to the special friends of the H. E. Butt Foundation who have created a legacy through their estate to help perpetuate transformation and renewal.

Mary Holdsworth Butt Society as of April 30, 2019

Betty Adams
Barbara and Comer Alden
Marcia and Bob Bailey
Dr. Ralph B. Berkeley
Mary Bodenhamer
Barbara Stuckey and Richard Caldwell
Kay Grammar Camp
Cathie Compere
Harold and Gloria Crawford
Missy and John Duffie
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Eason
Edith E. (Edie) Frick
W.D. (Bill) Gentry*
Venita* and Lyt Harris
Charles W. Kennedy Jr. and Lou Kennedy
Dwight Lacy
Sara Lee
Claire and Daniel Makins
Linda McCalla
Sally and Charley McCollum
Kathryn McGowen*
Dina and Lott McIlhenny
Jerry and Roger Mowell
Jana Mullins
Carol and Don* Murdock
Dr. and Mrs. Bill Nichols
Judy and Guy Parker
Elaine and Bob Peterson
Lucille Phillips*
Helen and Louis* Ridgway
Lucy and Marcus Rogers
Lucy R. Ross
Bitsy and Rollins* Rubsamen
Gene and Ellen Seaman
Paula Selle
Mandy and Tyler Sutliff
Jo Betsy Szebehely
James W. Thomas*
Cissy and Mark Warner
Caroline M. Weston
Margaret and Kim Wheless
Amy Whittington
Ann and Dave Williamson
Dee and Jack Willome

* Indicates deceased

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