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A Faith-Based Investment in the Future

John and Edie Frick

John and Edie Frick

Edie Frick and her late husband, John, spent time at Laity Lodge almost every year of their 32 years of marriage. "It was a wonderful foundation for our life together," shares Edie. Attending the Lodge's Creativity Week, the couple enjoyed a respite from everyday life, explored their creative interests, shared their faith and developed lifelong social and professional relationships. "We considered it a week of what we thought heaven might be like," describes Edie.

Grateful for all that the Lodge has meant to her and John, Edie has regularly given part of her tithes to sponsor Creativity Week at Laity Lodge, fund scholarships and contribute to the building of new facilities and camps. "I wanted to see that the Foundation grew and could be afforded to as many people as possible," says Edie.

In addition to helping meet the H. E. Butt Foundation's (HEBFDN) immediate needs, Edie wanted to make a "long-lasting investment in other people's lives" through an estate gift, so she established a charitable gift annuity, which will help further the mission of the organization while providing her with an extra source of income. "It was something I could do that would benefit both of us," explains Edie. "And I know that John would be very proud that we were able to be part of HEBFDN's growth."

"Edie and her late husband, John, are an integral part of our history and fabric," confirms David M. Rogers, President. "Edie continues to be a wonderful encourager and supporter of our work. Her recent major gift through our charitable gift annuity program is a unique partnership. She gets to leave a legacy for something that has brought meaning and value to her life, and we have the privilege of providing some income to her during her lifetime. It's really a win-win situation."

As for Edie's thoughts on her legacy, she's just happy knowing that she's helping the Foundation advance its faith-based way of life for generations to come. "The friendships we formed at Laity Lodge have given us so much that John and I wanted to feel like we had a part in its future," concludes Edie.

The Foundation currently has six priorities for endowment that directly impact programs for youth and adults, as well as preservation of the grounds and facilities in the Frio Canyon. To learn more about how you can provide for a healthy future of renewal and transformation, contact Bonnie Finley at 830-315-9206 or

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