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A Gift of Appreciated Securities: Why It Was the Right Choice for One Couple

Hank Coleman and Kathryn King Coleman

Hank Coleman and Kathryn King Coleman have given decades of service to Laity.

Decades of service to the H. E. Butt Foundation (HEBFDN) and attendance at Laity Lodge retreats have inspired Hank Coleman and Kathryn King Coleman in countless ways-including to give back.

The couple chose to make a gift of appreciated securities to the Foundation, which allows them to avoid exposure to capital gains taxes and give the full amount as a charitable donation.

"Our decision to give represents our desire to spread the ministry of HEBFDN," Hank says. "We lead very active and engaged lives, and Laity Lodge has always been a place where we slow down and unplug. It also is a place where we have deepened our relationship with God and others."

Gracious and Thoughtful Leaders

Kathryn and Hank have had special insight into the organization. In addition to big picture leadership roles, they have served as Laity Lodge retreat coordinators for the Randy Smith Sunday School class at St. Luke's United Methodist Church in Houston.

"Kathryn and Hank have been tremendous supporters of our work," says David Rogers, President. "They are incredibly strategic and thoughtful people. Their leadership and gracious hospitality through the years have opened many doors. We are eternally grateful for their time, giftedness, and generosity."

Kathryn and Hank have a history of donating to the Foundation. As they have moved into retirement, they increasingly rely upon investment income and savings to meet their needs.

"HEBFDN has made it easy to transfer appreciated securities to fund our contributions," Hank says. "We highly recommend this approach for others whose investments have increased in value exposing them to capital gains taxation."

Show Your Support

If you have received inspiration from retreats or other services of the Foundation, you may also want to consider making a gift. Scholarships are needed to support all programs. Contact Bonnie Finley at 830-315-9206 or to learn how your gift can benefit the programs and your loved ones.

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