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A Retreat With the Lord: How One Couple Shared Their Gifts

Sally McCollum

Sally McCollum made a gift to protect the future of Laity Lodge.

After their first visit to Laity Lodge almost four decades ago, Sally and Charley McCollum knew that the H. E. Butt Foundation (HEBFDN) would continue to be an integral part of their spiritual lives.

In the time since, the couple has attended leadership and church retreats together. And for years, Sally enjoyed the summer creativity retreats.

From the moment she steps onto the path to Laity Lodge, Sally feels relieved of her daily burdens. She is free to express herself, create with joy, learn valuable life lessons, and form deep connections with others and the Lord.

"The Lodge is holy ground," she says. "It's been a tremendous gift to me."

Because Laity Lodge means so much to her, Sally gladly served on the Resource Development Council, helping to raise money for facilities and programs.

"It resonated enormously for me to be able to provide opportunities to see God in his entirety for children and adults who wouldn't have these opportunities without financial assistance for a retreat or free use of the camp facilities," she says.

Their deep commitment to this mission has inspired Sally and Charley to make annual gifts to the Foundation for many years.

"I have gotten so much from the Foundation on so many levels," Sally says. "I want to give back."

A Deeper Connection

To ensure that HEBFDN continues to be a haven in the future, Sally and Charley have also included the organization in their estate plans. When she inherited part of her father's estate, Sally used the assets to establish a charitable remainder trust, which provides her with income now but will benefit HEBFDN upon her death.

"Sally and Charley have been avid supporters and friends for decades," says David M. Rogers, President. "Sally has an earnest heart for the church. Her faith and wonderful wisdom have been a source of encouragement to us. It's no surprise that she put a great deal of thought into her estate planning, and we are so grateful that she has included us."

Sally also encourages retreat participants to support HEBFDN by asking them to think about how they feel at the end of a retreat and consider how a financial gift could provide a similar experience for others.

"Gifts have a far wider reach than people realize," she says. "When you support individuals in their Christian walk, the effects are passed on to families and then carried out into the wider world."

If you would like to celebrate your connection to the Foundation and provide opportunities for others to grow in their relationship with Christ, please contact Bonnie Finley at 830-315-9206 or

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