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Cathie Compere: Supporting a Ministry That Has Meant So Much

Cathie CompereAs a distant cousin of Betty Anne Cody, Cathie Compere and her family have been linked to the H. E. Butt Foundation (HEBFF) for three generations. Cathie attended her first Layman's Leadership Institute at age 13 along with her grandparents, parents, and siblings.

"It was a wonderful time for our family," Cathie says. "It opened up a whole different level of conversation for us."

For decades, Cathie and her family have gathered at Layman's Leadership Institutes and Study Retreats at Laity Lodge to nurture their faith. "The teachings and testimonies left an indelible impact on my life," she says. "It has been such a privilege to be exposed to the best theological minds and teachers of my generation."

Cathie also carried her experiences with her into her career in wealth management. "Attending Layman's Leadership Institutes gave me a vision of what it was like to live seriously for Christ in the world of business," she explains.

Cathie is grateful for the enduring presence of HEBFF in her life's journey, most memorably the comfort and healing Laity Lodge provided after the death of her daughter, Susanna. "The Lodge inspired me in the best of times and strengthened me in the worst of times, giving me a place to go and the support I needed," Cathie says.

Faithful Generosity Continues

Cathie CompereExemplifying the philosophy of giving back modeled by her parents and grandparents, Cathie has included HEBFF in her charitable giving throughout her life. "I owe them so much for the 44 years they've given richly to me," she says.

Along with gifts of cash and appreciated stock, Cathie has designated the Foundation as a beneficiary of her estate. "I want to give a legacy gift to Laity Lodge to honor and support a ministry that was fundamental in my life," she explains. "They're like family to me."

"Following in the footsteps of her amazing parents, Cathie's loyal presence in our lives, along with her faithful generosity, has been hugely encouraging," says David M. Rogers, President of the H. E. Butt Foundation. "The fact that she has included a future provision to ensure her giving continues beyond her lifetime tells you a great deal about the thoughtful person she is. We can't thank her enough."

If you would like your support for HEBFF to continue after your lifetime, consider creating an endowment in your will or trust. Contact Bonnie Finley at 830-315-9206 or to learn more.

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