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Doing God's Work

Dave and Ann Williamson

Dave and Ann Williamson

After 35 years in pastoral ministry within churches, Dave and Anne Williamson decided to serve the church through working for Laity Lodge.

"When we read the description of the mission of Laity Lodge and the comprehensive mission of the foundation and its varied programs, we felt an immediate connection," Dave says. "They were in alignment with our core values and understanding of and commitment to the vision and mission of God's kingdom in our midst."

"Dave and Anne have been incredible partners in our work here," says David M. Rogers, President. "Dave stepped into a role at Laity Lodge in 2000 at a critical time of leadership transition, and Anne has worked alongside him every step of the way."

"For the past 12 years, we have seen firsthand the truths of Jesus consistently presented to people of all ages through each program," Anne says. "We are honored and grateful to be associated with these programs, which are characterized by faithfulness to the Gospel, excellence, and relevance to the ordinary experiences of life."

A Profound Impact

When the Williamsons joined in the work of Laity Lodge, they invested their time as well as their financial resources. "More than a decade ago, Dave and Anne began to encourage us with their monthly gifts in support of scholarships for youth and adults," David says. "They've already made an important impact on this ministry. Now, they have named Laity in their will. This provision means they will continue to make a difference in the future."

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