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The Impact of Your Support

In Their Own Words: Why Scholarships Matter

scholarships Here are two of many testimonials shared with us by people who have experienced transformation or witnessed transformation in others as a result of scholarship aid.

LLYC Scholarship Recipient

My four children and I are currently living in a transitional homeless shelter. I work full time and am also a full-time nursing student. I graduate this December and will be getting my RN.

My oldest two attended camp this past summer and had so much fun! It would be a great blessing if they were selected for another scholarship. Thank you for your generosity and all you have blessed us with. We are so thankful! We feel like Laity Lodge Youth Camp is part of our own family. I cannot wait until I become a nurse and am able to send my own children to camp, but also bless others the way my children have been blessed!

Laity Lodge Family Camp Scholarship Recipient

You may never fully understand the importance of that scholarship, but our family will never forget. Two years in a row you have been part of the Lord doing life-altering work in our home. Laity Lodge Family Camp had a hand in possibly saving my marriage, as well as helping our family get back on track.

During our time in camp, the Lord met me in his loving and gracious way and convicted me in some crucial areas of my life. Had I not accepted his help and change, I would have headed down a very scary and destructive path. My husband and I are both so very grateful for what Laity Lodge does to help so many families—it gave us the opportunity for the Lord to do a miracle.

Change Someone's Life

Contact Bonnie Finley at 830-315-9206 or to learn more how you can create a scholarship that gives someone else the opportunity to attend Laity Lodge Youth Camp or Laity Lodge Family Camp. Through a planned gift, you make a bigger impact than you may have thought possible.

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