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IRA Funds Parish Scholarship at the H. E. Butt Foundation

Henry and Dorothy Parish

Henry and Dorothy Parish

It's possible you've considered making a provision in your estate plan to benefit future generations of young people, families, couples, and single adults who strive to slow down for a time of deep engagement with God, his people, and his creation. We were so pleased to learn that our beloved Dorothy Parish chose a simple, yet deeply meaningful way to accomplish just that.

Prior to her passing last June, Dorothy named Friends of H.E. Butt Foundation as a beneficiary of her individual retirement account (IRA). The change required no legal or complicated rewording of her will. She chose a specific amount—others prefer percentages, especially when multiple beneficiaries are a factor.

Dorothy Parish with Howard E. Butt, Jr.

Howard E. Butt, Jr. and Dorothy Parish, who was Howard's assistant for 50 years

When close friends became aware of Dorothy's plans, they decided to match the gift so that a significant scholarship fund could honor her and her late husband Henry. Scholarship funding is a wonderful way to ensure that people who might not otherwise have the means to afford it are able to access programming. This one loving act is certain to have years of transformational impact.

Learn how you can follow in Dorothy's footsteps and leave a gift that will impact the H. E. Butt Foundation for years to come. Contact Bonnie Finley at 830-315-9206 or

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