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Young Couple Gives Back to Laity

Tyler and Mandi Sutliff

"Mandi and Tyler are such wonderful examples to their generation. They have a devoted interest in and understanding of philanthropy and its value in everyday Christian living." —David M. Rogers, Executive Vice President and COO

Tyler and Mandi Sutliff's first child attended camp before he was born. "Six years ago, Tyler and I helped get the camp ready for the youth," Mandi says. "The next year, Jackson went up in his crib."

Taking their son, Jackson, and their daughter, Campbell, to Laity continues the tradition that Tyler started in the summer of '91. "I went to Laity Lodge Youth Camp as a camper and then worked on the program crew and summer staff," Tyler says.

"I didn't grow up attending camp, but Family Laity Lodge Camp has allowed me to reach out to others who share the common threads of Christianity and making family time a top priority," Mandi says.

A Special Gift for Children

Because the Sutliffs want as many children as possible to experience LLYC, they support the LLYC Scholarship Fund. "The scholarship helps make up the gap for kids who need assistance," Tyler says. "I can't imagine anything worse as a kid than to not be able to go to camp because of the economy."

"When you read the thank-you letters, it's rewarding to find out what a difference the scholarships make in the lives of others," Mandi says.

Extending Their Generosity

"I see HEBFDN as an extension of the church, so in addition to church tithing, we've included the Foundation in our giving plan," Tyler says. "Also in my will, I wanted to make sure that my family is cared for and then also acknowledge that giving to this organization is something that's important to me."

"We see including the H. E. Butt Foundation in our will as taking care of part of your family well," Mandi says. "We wouldn't put off making sure our children's needs are met so we're also taking care of planned giving for HEBFDN today."

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